Friday, January 27, 2017

We'll Turn Your Kitchen Design Ideas into a Functional Reality

Today, the home kitchen is more than just a cooking space. It is where everything fabulous happens. As such, the kitchen deserves a glamorous look depending on your personal tastes and preferences. The kitchen deserves the best. Whether contemporary, transitional or Scandinavian kitchen design, every kitchen plans starts with an idea. At EA Home Design, we are dedicated to not only nurturing noble kitchen ideas but also transforming them into tangible realities. With an elaborate insight of what you need, our kitchen design experts will work closely with you to ensure delivery of the perfect kitchen model.

Kitchen Design Ideas
Kitchen Design Ideas

With Much Respect
At EA Home Design, a typical kitchen remodel project involves our highly trained technicians working all round the clock to ensure delivery of the perfect services. In such projects, time is a critical aspect, and we understand that. That is why complete our renovation projects within the stipulated time, or even earlier.

So much to choose from
Do you need a complete kitchen remodeling? Is cabinet installation the only thing you need? At EA Home Design, we offer an extensive range of services. You only need to let us know about it, and we will have you covered. What can you expect from our experts?

·         Complete replacement and re-staining of existing cabinets
·         Installation of various types of countertops including laminate, acrylic solid surface  and granite countertops
·         Redesign and configuration of kitchen lighting including fixation of under cabinet lightings
·         Installation of various kitchen plumbing features including faucets and sinks. We have worked with various materials so you can trust our experts to deliver the ideal services for you.

·         Kitchen extensions involving removal of walls and reconfiguration of kitchen structure
·         Installation of cabinet hardware including hinges, knobs, and cabinet doors; you can also expect our experts to help you with fixation of open shelving

·         Professional kitchen overhaul including painting services

At the beginning, it might look like a dream, or maybe a wild imagination. With the help of our experienced experts, however, we can transform such intangible ideas into hard realities.

What’s Ideal for You?
Every kitchen remodel project is special. Over the years, we have learned the essence of meeting specific needs of individual customers. Even more, we understand what it takes to meet the specific needs of customers. Do you need an entire cabinet replacement project? Will a simple refacing work the trick? Replacement services come with the advantages of an extended new look. If you love your countertops and cabinetry too much not to interfere with them, you can go for the open option of cabinet refacing. At EA Home Design, we spend time with our customers with our clients to know what matters to them. This way, we are able to deliver out of the ordinary services to those who believe in us.

At EA Home Design, we take pride in delivering seamless kitchen remodeling services. Even more, take pleasure in transforming insightful kitchen ideas into functional realities. Do you think your kitchen needs a revamped look? Get in touch with us today!

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