Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Turning your Washroom into a Bathing Sanctuary

Giving your bathroom a new look involves more than you can possible imagine. You might have sat down and considered renovating your bathroom at one point. However, you have never sat down to figure out what it takes to remodel the tiny showering space next to your master bedroom into a bathing sanctuary. It might sound complicated, but that doesn’t have to scare you. Every home remodeling journey starts with a step; that of identifying what you want and what’s most important to you.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

Go for Precision
Elegance, beauty, perfection, and other commonly used words are relative when it comes to describing the ideal of kind of bathroom you would like to have. What one designer considers elegant might not necessarily appear appealing to you. That is why going for precision is a critical component of achieving what you want in home remodeling. What kinds of bathtubs are preferable to you? Would you like sliding shower doors or the ordinary bathroom doors? Are the presence of soundproof board and walls fair enough for your bathroom? Some wouldn’t prefer their bathing rooms exhibiting complete tile works. At the end of the day, what matters is what you feel is right. Be precise and go ahead to define what seems ideal for you.

Consider the available Space
From medicine chests to unusually shaped baths, you might change redesigning your bathroom might require a lot more than what most bathrooms exhibit. That would mean more space to accommodate your needs. What happens in cases where space is limited? That is where EA Home Design experts come in. Working closely with our design experts will ensure you transform your bathroom the easier way without worrying so much about space. Where necessary compromises can always be made. With proper designs and accurate guidelines from our experienced experts, we will help you maximize the space available for bathroom design.

Beyond the Ordinary
If it’s going to be ordinary and plain, then it might not be worth it in the first place. At EA Home Design, we believe that every bathroom design project possesses its own uniqueness. Consequently, the same should be reflected in the final work. Bathroom remodeling should be aesthetically rewarding, as much as possible. Replicating an existing model may be ideal for you but going out of your way to embrace customization is even more appealing. To end up with the ideal customized bathroom, having an idea of the best materials might be necessary. However, that doesn’t have to pain you provided you have in place a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Nevertheless, we must admit the fact that not every person you involve is going to get you the desired results. Some might end up spoiling the show. Nothing inspires our professional designers than a genuine smile of a satisfied customer. As such, you can trust our professional teams to go extra miles in helping you realize your dreams. The entire process of transforming your washroom into an oasis of glamour starts with the selection of the right team, remember?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Key Lessons to Take Home from Waypoint Living Spaces Award-Winning Kitchen Designers

In a recent home remodeling competition organised by Waypoint Living Spaces, EA Home Design emerged the best overall in the kitchen-remodeling category. In a contest that was full of several potential winners, bagging the trophy could only mean one thing; EA Home Design has raised the bar for kitchen design standards and taken the race a notch higher. The design was sleek and the presentation absolutely exceptional. For homeowners who are planning to revamp the look of their kitchens, there is so much to take home from the award winning design inspirations. At EA Home Design, we understand that you do not have to wait for an all-out kitchen remodel in order to give this special space a deserving look. Multiple upgrade options are available to give your kitchen a revamped look.
Best Waypoint Kitchen 2016
Best Waypoint Kitchen 2016

Paint Retouch 
You might have as well figured it out. Nothing gives your kitchen a renewed look than a paint retouch. Make your kitchen more dynamic by adding a coat of bright colors. Where possible, blend the shades in line with the kitchen appliances. Brighter colors give the illusion of spacious kitchen; you will need that for your smaller kitchen. Paint the cabinets, the walls, and other surfaces being careful enough to blend the colors in a soothing way.

Update the Countertops
You do not need state of the art countertops to give your kitchen an appealing look. At EA Home Design, we use to believe in simplicity. Take, for instance, a new laminate countertop. It doesn’t cost fortunes but will guarantee your kitchen a killer look. That might as well explain why we won the just concluded fall 2016 Waypoint Living Spaces Showcase Your Space remodel Contest. We were the proud winners of the Best Kitchen Designs category. For those who might not have not an idea, simple countertops worked the trick!

Winner Best Kitchen Design
Winner Best Kitchen Design

Add Backsplash
You can take your creativity a notch higher by adding a ceramic tile backsplash. Make it more glamorous by opting for a decorative tile to match. A well-fitted backsplash adds a wavering glamour to your home.

Replace the Faucets
The faucet is an integral part of the kitchen. In our winning design, we featured shiny faucets which adding pull-out features to the kitchen. The results were tremendous. You shouldn’t expect anything different when you update your old faucets and have the replaced with a glowing pair or two.

It’s all on the Floor
You might not have figured out the role played by the flooring in revamping the look of the kitchen. The flooring option you go for will make or break your remodeling efforts. When it comes to kitchen flooring, there is much more than just decency. You aren’t going to make a choice simply because it’s cool. You need colors that blend well with the kitchen cabinet and even the walls. Even more, your floor should be easy to clean. We didn’t have to make it complicated in our winning design. A complimentary floor that grants the kitchen a natural look is all we went for. With the assistance of our highly trained expert, we can achieve the same or even more in your home. Just get in touch with us; we will have you covered.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Exciting Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value

Injecting new life to your kitchen can be an exciting experience to a homeowner. For someone who is prepared for it, nothing can be more thrilling than giving your cooking space a new look. Worth noting, remodeling this space requires more than desire and passion. It is something to plan and budget for. All these will depend on the kitchen remodeling ideas you embrace. For someone who remodeling for the first time, you can get started by considering the ideas below.
Kitchen Cabinet Design
Kitchen Cabinet Design

Redesign the Cabinet
There are multiple options to start from when it comes to kitchen remodeling, the cabinet being a favorite pick. As many home remodeling experts will admit, the cabinet is the heart and soul of every kitchen. If you are to give your kitchen a revamped look, then you must work on the cabinets. A touch of elegance on the cabinet sets the tone for the kitchen. Enlighten the moods in your kitchen by opting for modern design cabinets. Even more, you can make it easy designing displaying your kitchen collections through free-end cabinets. If you are tight on budget, you can simply repaint the cabinets with light and neutral color like beige, light blue or even white. You should be keen enough to get rid of the dirt and grease on cabinet surfaces before painting them.

Consider Updating the Flooring
Most homeowners concentrate on the boilers and other aspects of the kitchen at the expense of the floor. If your kitchen displays dull wooden flooring, you can revamp the look by opting for bright and glaring tile flooring. With so many flooring options to go for, there can be shortage of ideal flooring for your kitchen. For one, you can decide to go for the heated floor. One might be tempted to believe this is a luxury, but those living in extremely cold areas know better. The heated floor also helps prevent underground pipes from freezing in extreme weathers. With the help of EA Home Design experts, it will be possible installing mesh heating system below the floor.

Extend provision for Natural Light
Dimly lit kitchens aren’t good for cooking. Even more, one ends up raising the electricity bills unnecessarily. Have you stopped to think that a simple step such as replacing your small windows with larger ones can save you the trouble? Even more, you can decide to slow on the idea of having kitchen doors. Unlike the bathroom and bedroom, it is not necessary having doors in the kitchen. This gives more provision for natural. If possible, you can consider skylight in the kitchen area; in case the place is accessible to roofs.

Kitchen Island
Kitchen Island is a good provision for additional storage space. It is the perfect addition to go for when you need extra countertop space and sinks in your kitchen. With the help of EA Home Design experts, you can have the project undertaken in a couple of days. Just inform our team, and we will be on it!