Saturday, August 26, 2017

Average Bathroom Renovation Costs Virginia

Bathroom renovation can be a lot of work, or so it seems. The fact that it is deemed a costly venture makes it even more challenging. However, it is also true to say that one has a choice when it comes to the amount of money spent on bathroom renovations. On average, a homeowner in Virginia needs to set aside $15000 for bathroom remodeling. Well, it is good to agree that the entire bathroom renovation is an integrated process involving design, plumbing, installation, and materials. Breaking down the average renovation costs helps one to understand the amount of money necessary, depending on the scopes of renovation.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

Vanity and sinks
Most people would want to have a refreshed vanity after a major bathroom renovation. While some sinks are manufactured as integrated fixtures, others are made in a way to allow for customization. If you are working on a tight budget, you can spend under $300 for the sink. Vanity isn’t always an expensive affair. With less than $500, you can settle on a great option. However, highly specialized vanity varieties can go up to $3000.

Bathtub and showers
The bathtub frenzy seems to be dying over time. Most people renovating their homes would chose to redo the shower space instead. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace your bathtub if it is worn or even making your precious bathroom appear tired. Basic bathtubs can be found for around $700. Agreeably, the price can go as high as $3000 depending on how sophisticated you would like it to be.

Shower enclosures
In most cases, people rarely think about shower doors when doing bathroom renovations. For those having small bathrooms spaces, it might be necessary replacing the standard door with shower curtains. It is less expensive in addition to saving space. You can also choose to invest in sliding glass doors. They bring a unique sense of upscale taste to your home. At the end of the day, shower enclosures do not constitute a huge part of remodeling budget.

Like other basic fixtures, lighting fixtures are never expensive. However, you can go out of your way to usher in the decorative pendant in your home. Your bathroom will also appreciate statement vanity lighting, just in case you decide to go that way.

Beyond the basics
Materials aside, design elements and labor costs impact the overall bathroom renovation costs. Unlike the other costs, these ones vary significantly depending on the scope of the project. Yet again, your choice of home renovation experts will also have a louder say on the amount of money you spend. At EA Home Design, our team of dedicated experts can handle the design without posing a dent on your pocket.

Your bathroom is a special space where you get to rest and have a refreshing shower after a long day. It is also the first place you spend more than a couple of minutes before setting out for the day. As such, giving it a renewed appeal is never a bad idea provided you keep the figures within your financial boundaries. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Basement Renovation - 5 Tips You Need to Know

Every homeowner would agree that a finished basement adds great value to any home. You can use the basement space as an additional bedroom, game room or even master bedroom. It all depends on what you want out of it. Before committing yourself to the remodeling process, however, it is important having certain aspects in mind.

Basement Renovation
Basement Renovation

Keep the space dry
One obvious challenge common with remodeling the basement is the aspect of moisture and damp conditions. It is important to keep this area dry while at the initial planning stages. You do not have to wait until it is too late. To be able to deal with this the easier way, look for obvious indicators like pools of water resulting from drippings. It is important to confirm grading of the ground from the foundation.

Consider Wall Fasteners
You might have problems attaching farmings when handling basement renovations. As such, it is essential finding proper fasteners and anchors for whatever wall you might be using. If necessary, rent a shotgun fastener. The easier alternative is to approach experts.

You need vapor barrier
Handling moisture issues is a critical component of a basement renovation. Even after sorting out the basic requirements, you might still end up with a damp room. To avoid any inconveniences in future, it is advisable adding vapor barriers for the floor and the walls. This should be done before the framing process. Consider a simple test of laying a vapor barrier then checking underneath after two days. The level of moisture registered should give you a clue whether it is advisable proceeding with the rest of process.

Be through with insulation
If not properly insulated, the basement can turn out to be a cold space. Insulation helps to keep the temperatures within the basement manageable. Even more, insulation achieves an additional objective of moisture control. Proper insulation also helps control noise interference from outside. The best choice of insulation is one with vapor barriers on either side. You can also opt for a spray foam insulation.

Think of drop ceiling
The basement space can do well with a suspended ceiling. Such an arrangement offers easier access to plumbing lines. Depending on your preference, you can choose a ceiling that will lower the available overhead space. Just be sure you are comfortable with it before making a decision.

Opt for recessed lighting
For the basement, recessed lighting presents itself as a great choice of overhead lighting. Other lighting fixtures might take unnecessarily large overhead space, something you wouldn't love. Yet again, installation of recessed lighting with a drop ceiling is easier and more manageable. You might also end up saving substantial amounts in the process.

Unlike other home improvement projects, basement renovation can prove tricky for someone handling it for the first time. Dealing with moisture issues is necessary. To ensure everything proceeds perfectly, it is necessary working side by side with the experts. With EA Home Design experts, you can expect reliable assistance all the way!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to get a High Quality Bathroom Remodel Service in Virginia

Today, the bathroom is more than just cradled shower space. Most homeowners in Virginia prefer bathrooms characterized by elegance, space, and glamour. That explains why bathroom remodels is one of the most popular home renovation projects in Virginia. Worth noting, simply hiring any bathroom to remodel service provider doesn’t guarantee you satisfactory results. Unless you opt for a high-quality bathroom remodel services, your dream of having the best bathroom in the neighborhood might never be realized. So how do you protect yourself from this? What does it take to hire quality bathroom to remodel Virginia services?
Bathroom Remodel Virginia
Bathroom Remodel Virginia

Do your homework
You don’t want to hire a contractor or involve any bathroom remodel expert without doing a background research, trust me. It is the most important thing. Nearly all the information you need is available online. You can start with the online reviews. What are the previous clients saying about their services? Were they satisfied? How long have they been offering such services? In the case of EA Home Design, the high satisfaction rates say it all. This is in addition to the favorable reviews and excellent Better Business Bureaus Ratings.

Talk about it
Remodeling your bathroom is an involving process. As such, it isn’t the time to keep everything to you. It is important to talk to people around you about the project. These can be your friends, colleagues or close relatives. Ask them for referrals and seek advice where necessary. In the remodeling industry, information is essential. The kind of bathroom remodeling services you will end up depends on how much inside information you have.

Initiate contacts and verify references
Before settling on any bathroom remodeling service, you need to talk with the people in charge. You need to confirm how they handle clients. Talking to them also helps you gauge their capabilities. You need to know the right questions to ask. For instance, it is important to request for names of customers from a recent project. Once you have the details, make that extra effort of speaking to the customers. How was their experience? Is there something they wish they knew before engaging before hiring this team? How did the team handle any changes, if any? Would they consider hiring the remodeling company again? Get the right answers to such questions if you want to end up with a quality bathroom remodel Virginia services.

Request for quotes and written estimates
You need to get your hands on at least three written estimates before hiring a bathroom to remodel expert. The estimates should be elaborate, with specific information on the costs of various aspects. At the end of the day, the costs should reflect your budget.

Verify insurance and bonding
Lastly, you need to verify if your choice of bathroom remodeling company is registered. Great remodeling companies should be willing to share such information with you. The company needs to have an insurance coverage, just in case things do not work out as expected. With this in place, you will be certain of accessing the best bathroom remodel service in Virginia.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Questions to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

1. What is at my disposal?
If you want to save some money, the first step is to make a list of furniture and appliances that you already have. In some things you should invest more, and in some less. It can easily save if you purchase finished kitchen blocks or kitchens whose elements are custom made. Kitchen fronts do not have to be of the most expensive materials.
2. Can I repair the thing without much effort?
To enter a luxury to your kitchen, you do not have to spend a fortune. There are various types and forms of handles that will give a whole new twist without great expenditure. If cabinets are really worn out you should get new ones.
3. What do I need and what I want?
Create a detailed cost list in order to estimate and track costs and prevent exceeding the set amount. On the final list be sure to add the 10 percent contingency costs. If you really want to save, make another list - the real needs and desires. Make sure you divide needs from desires and then do only what you really need to do.
4. Is the current layout really good?
Major modifications to the position of fixed installations are possible but usually require large financial expenditures. If you keep their current position, you will save money that can be redirected later on, for example, quality flooring, kitchen appliances and the like.
5. Can I go cheaper?
You always need to know how much even the smallest detail costs, so you should make a list before you decide anything. Often two different shops offer the same product at very different prices, and the same goes for contractors.
Once you really know what you need and to make a list of things to do. There are some works that you have done before other (eg. install pipes before placing the tiles), but it's good to make a schedule of works.
Do not choose a constructor who is the cheapest one, but ask for his previous work. If you select the constructor who specializes in decoration (painters, painters, etc.) ask him to show you pictures of previous works, and you get an impression of how it makes sense for aesthetics.
Remodeling Your Kitchen
Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

As the material is concerned, perhaps the best option is to go shopping with the constructor. He'll know what to buy, and you can control how much is spent for this because he will not care much about the economy since it is not about his money. If you do something too expensive, take a look at several places, as prices may vary.
If you think of something, and a constructor tells you that's not possible, ask someone else. However, if you get the same answer, customize your idea of existing conditions. Sometimes you will be thrilled to hear the outcome may turn out better than you originally planned. Do not ask for the impossible, but or stand up for your ideas.
Normally quiet and unobtrusive design of the kitchen is becoming more attractive if you add them a little paint or some strange and seemingly inappropriate positioned detail - green under a kitchen worktop in the kitchen island, orange on the door cabinets, overly large red luster, details of strong colors sparingly scattered throughout design, use of lighter and darker shades of wood, to crystal chandelier above the table top. All this will to give a new direction to your kitchen design

Friday, March 3, 2017

Remodeling Designs And Ideas For Small Bathroom

If you are planning to renovate a small bathroom you need to wisely calculate the sum of money that you need. If you want to reduce costs, then you need to turn creativity through projects that you do.

Here are the basic things that you can apply in the renovation of a small bathroom, to which cheaper way to do this space more beautiful and functional.

The cheapest way to just refresh your bathroom is to change the accessories you use. You can make small changes that will personalize your bathroom. Do this by adding the details, replace carpet or runway in the bathroom, match the colors on the shower curtain. Change towels, soap dish, toothbrush holders. Put the new curtains in the window, or change the lighting in your bathroom. These small details can have a significant impact on the look of your bathroom.
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

Also, you can change the wallpaper in your bathroom. Use mirrors that will increase the space, use stencils on the walls and combine them with neutral colors. Choose bright colors for the bathroom, especially if it is small sizes.

In addition, using a stand sinks in a bright color, because it can also reduce the net feeling. Place the oval mirror on the wall, allowing you to achieve the formation of a central point in this space.

The color combinations are able to expand the space that is lacking in the small bathroom. You can combine the white and light green to create a beautiful and fresh ambiance. A typical outdoor storage always gets nice options to make your small bathroom look wider. You can also use the wall shelves that are mounted.

If you are replacing sanitary in the bathroom and a closet, we recommend that you choose a shower or a small bathtub. Buy a sink with cabinet instead of the stand, because space can be used for storing towels and other accessories.

You're probably wondering how someone can make a small bathroom to be functional and without compromising on aesthetics. See the photos that help you to combine practicality and visual harmony, and you will see that it is possible and it is not at all that difficult.
These our proposals could be the first step in the design of your upcoming project.
You need to make sense of each element in your bathroom, and how it will interact with the available space. Do some of them occupies a larger area than is necessary? In order to maximize a small bathroom, there are several things you can do.

Removing feeling cluttered space can be achieved by replacing the dressing cabinet with a pedestal sink, where you can dispose of small items. Choose a cool high sink that fits the overall style of the interior and enjoys the extra space.

Buying a small tub is also a great solution, especially when there are so chic models in the range. Large floor tiles, as well as the bright colors on the walls, give a sense of space, while dark shades are suffocating space.

Friday, February 10, 2017

How to Keep Your Kitchen Updated

Small details make miracles! With a few little things and updating of the old and monotonous cuisine, you can get luxurious space that will not drain your wallet.

This affordable thing will refresh your kitchen and do not require expensive renovation.
Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

Change fittings
Fittings (handles, handles, latches on drawers) can completely change the look of your kitchen units, and thus the whole cuisine. Choose a nice detail and give your kitchen a precious look.
Paint the walls a bright color in the kitchen
Bright colors on the walls contribute to kitchen looks bigger, but also more expensive. The bright walls reflect light and thus cover the irregularities scratch in the kitchen.

Replace the kitchen door
Replace the old kitchen door to new or existing repaint. Choose the right color, refresh the door of this room.

Change the lighting
The chandelier is the perfect match for the kitchen! Not only will illuminate the entire space, but also bring a touch of glamour and luxury. Most people in the kitchen elected incandescent lamp or chandelier inconspicuous. However, just the opposite should be done so that the kitchen seemed expensive.

Do not forget to decorate the windows
Cover the kitchen window light curtain instead of expensive shutters or blinds. Steering or curtains to the top of the window and half-curtain in the middle will be quite sufficient for the kitchen.

Edit the breakfast nook
Make the corner of the kitchen place where you go with a smile to perform the most important meal of the day. Throw pillows, flowers and enjoy every morning in a nice room and delicious breakfast.

Replace old vessels with new and more decorative
Have your old plastic containers for fruit at home? It is time to replace them with new and more beautiful with unusual designs, such as Chinese motifs. Although it seems that these details are irrelevant, each element will give the kitchen a new look richer.
What's best is that this dish decoration can be combined together to look beautiful.

As things first notice a sense of vision, the biggest changes are most visible on the walls. However, most of the kitchen "decoration" make appliances, cutlery, and they occupy the largest part of the cooking surface, while the walls are mostly "ignored".

Time for a change
Be fearless during the sorting key point - it's just a wall.
Once you improved the kitchen with a fresh, modern wall, it's time to add other layers. The latest trend in kitchen design is open shelves and kitchen without hanging parts. This look gives a brighter appearance to the kitchen and visually expands the space.
Instead of breaking up the upper cabinet set of open shelves, try to upgrade a blank wall. Open shelves can be placed in multiple styles and are easy to install.

For the greater change from hanging elements remove the doors and rear side repaint or glue to it a modern print. You also get new open shelves, and if you want to revive room a little, set the LED lights under the wall cabinets.

Have fun and give your kitchen a new life! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

We'll Turn Your Kitchen Design Ideas into a Functional Reality

Today, the home kitchen is more than just a cooking space. It is where everything fabulous happens. As such, the kitchen deserves a glamorous look depending on your personal tastes and preferences. The kitchen deserves the best. Whether contemporary, transitional or Scandinavian kitchen design, every kitchen plans starts with an idea. At EA Home Design, we are dedicated to not only nurturing noble kitchen ideas but also transforming them into tangible realities. With an elaborate insight of what you need, our kitchen design experts will work closely with you to ensure delivery of the perfect kitchen model.

Kitchen Design Ideas
Kitchen Design Ideas

With Much Respect
At EA Home Design, a typical kitchen remodel project involves our highly trained technicians working all round the clock to ensure delivery of the perfect services. In such projects, time is a critical aspect, and we understand that. That is why complete our renovation projects within the stipulated time, or even earlier.

So much to choose from
Do you need a complete kitchen remodeling? Is cabinet installation the only thing you need? At EA Home Design, we offer an extensive range of services. You only need to let us know about it, and we will have you covered. What can you expect from our experts?

·         Complete replacement and re-staining of existing cabinets
·         Installation of various types of countertops including laminate, acrylic solid surface  and granite countertops
·         Redesign and configuration of kitchen lighting including fixation of under cabinet lightings
·         Installation of various kitchen plumbing features including faucets and sinks. We have worked with various materials so you can trust our experts to deliver the ideal services for you.

·         Kitchen extensions involving removal of walls and reconfiguration of kitchen structure
·         Installation of cabinet hardware including hinges, knobs, and cabinet doors; you can also expect our experts to help you with fixation of open shelving

·         Professional kitchen overhaul including painting services

At the beginning, it might look like a dream, or maybe a wild imagination. With the help of our experienced experts, however, we can transform such intangible ideas into hard realities.

What’s Ideal for You?
Every kitchen remodel project is special. Over the years, we have learned the essence of meeting specific needs of individual customers. Even more, we understand what it takes to meet the specific needs of customers. Do you need an entire cabinet replacement project? Will a simple refacing work the trick? Replacement services come with the advantages of an extended new look. If you love your countertops and cabinetry too much not to interfere with them, you can go for the open option of cabinet refacing. At EA Home Design, we spend time with our customers with our clients to know what matters to them. This way, we are able to deliver out of the ordinary services to those who believe in us.

At EA Home Design, we take pride in delivering seamless kitchen remodeling services. Even more, take pleasure in transforming insightful kitchen ideas into functional realities. Do you think your kitchen needs a revamped look? Get in touch with us today!