Friday, July 21, 2017

Basement Renovation - 5 Tips You Need to Know

Every homeowner would agree that a finished basement adds great value to any home. You can use the basement space as an additional bedroom, game room or even master bedroom. It all depends on what you want out of it. Before committing yourself to the remodeling process, however, it is important having certain aspects in mind.

Basement Renovation
Basement Renovation

Keep the space dry
One obvious challenge common with remodeling the basement is the aspect of moisture and damp conditions. It is important to keep this area dry while at the initial planning stages. You do not have to wait until it is too late. To be able to deal with this the easier way, look for obvious indicators like pools of water resulting from drippings. It is important to confirm grading of the ground from the foundation.

Consider Wall Fasteners
You might have problems attaching farmings when handling basement renovations. As such, it is essential finding proper fasteners and anchors for whatever wall you might be using. If necessary, rent a shotgun fastener. The easier alternative is to approach experts.

You need vapor barrier
Handling moisture issues is a critical component of a basement renovation. Even after sorting out the basic requirements, you might still end up with a damp room. To avoid any inconveniences in future, it is advisable adding vapor barriers for the floor and the walls. This should be done before the framing process. Consider a simple test of laying a vapor barrier then checking underneath after two days. The level of moisture registered should give you a clue whether it is advisable proceeding with the rest of process.

Be through with insulation
If not properly insulated, the basement can turn out to be a cold space. Insulation helps to keep the temperatures within the basement manageable. Even more, insulation achieves an additional objective of moisture control. Proper insulation also helps control noise interference from outside. The best choice of insulation is one with vapor barriers on either side. You can also opt for a spray foam insulation.

Think of drop ceiling
The basement space can do well with a suspended ceiling. Such an arrangement offers easier access to plumbing lines. Depending on your preference, you can choose a ceiling that will lower the available overhead space. Just be sure you are comfortable with it before making a decision.

Opt for recessed lighting
For the basement, recessed lighting presents itself as a great choice of overhead lighting. Other lighting fixtures might take unnecessarily large overhead space, something you wouldn't love. Yet again, installation of recessed lighting with a drop ceiling is easier and more manageable. You might also end up saving substantial amounts in the process.

Unlike other home improvement projects, basement renovation can prove tricky for someone handling it for the first time. Dealing with moisture issues is necessary. To ensure everything proceeds perfectly, it is necessary working side by side with the experts. With EA Home Design experts, you can expect reliable assistance all the way!